The Quinte Society for Chamber Music Presents:
The All Terrain Tour, 2021


Featuring the madoc quartet

Sebastian Sallans - Violin
Leslie Townsend - Violin
Sarah de Niverville - Viola
Sebastian Ostertag - Cello

The Madoc Quartet is back! Sept. 10th and 11th The Quinte Society for Chamber Music presents the Madoc Quartet, a Toronto based String Quartet led by Madoc’s own professional violinist, Sebastian Sallans.
The Madoc Quartet is excited to be returning to the Madoc Community, bringing the music of Glazunov, Haydn and Elgar to local audiences and visitors in the region in two outdoor events.

Sept. 10, 4 p.m. “Happy Hour”

“Happy Hour” with the Madoc Quartet at 7/62 Madoc’s Craft Brewery offers a comprehensive introduction to the strings and Glazunov’s 2nd String Quartet in F Major. Join Sebastian and his colleagues as they discuss how Russian composer Alexander Glazunov explored the possibilities when 2 violins, a viola and a cello get together to make music. Meet the instruments, the musicians and the music at this fun get together on the patio of Madoc’s Craft Brewery, 7/62. Meet the brew master Al Shaw and learn how great beer is put together too!


Friday, Sept. 10, 4 p.m. 7/62 Craft Brewery,

162 Russel Street Madoc, ON K0K 2K0

Home - 7/62 Craft Brewers (

Admission: Free

QSCM is a registered charity. All donations are eligible for tax receipt.

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Sept.11, 7 p.m. “Music at the Mill”

“Music at the Mill” offers a full evening of String Quartet Music for all to enjoy.  The musicians will introduce the pieces in a way that allows everyone to follow the story the music tells and appreciate the sound of the string quartet in very distinct pieces of music. Taking place on September 11, this concert will also remember the tragedy of that day with a musical tribute to the victims, survivors and the many named and unnamed rescuers. Please join us for an intimate evening of stunningly beautiful music in the rustic setting of Madoc Township’s historic O’Hara Mill Homestead.


Sat, Sept. 11, 7 pm. a The O’Hara Mill Homestead

O’Hara Mill Homestead and Conservation Area

638 Mill Rd. Madoc, Ontario K0K 2K0

O'Hara Mill Homestead (

Admission: Free.

QSCM is a registered charity. All donations are eligible for tax receipt.

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