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QSCM welcomes  volunteers to help out in all aspects of our work.
Please reach out to us if you would like to be involved in any way.
There are many single task jobs that need to be done as well as

leadership roles to be filled. 

QSCM leadership roles are continually evolving. The roles, as described below are meant as  guidelines only.  All of the activiities described there are currently being succesfully undertaken by volunteers in the spirit of team work and in keeping with QSCM's vision of an organization where everyone can develop and explore their own capabilities.  

If you'd like to take on a leadership role that involves  any aspect of the work described below in part of in full, please give us a call or drop us a note, We would love to  discuss with you the activity you'd like to engage in, the extent and limits of you time  commitment you wish to  make, your skills and your ideas about how to do things.  

We are a fun, forgiving group. We are learning as we go. We look to new volunteers not only to help carry the load, but also to  also show us  different ways of doing things and new things to do.  We look to new volunteers to show us new skills if you want to share your experise.  W also e offer eveyone the opportunity to learn how to do things they've never done before uf you  wish to explore new areas of work in which you may not have skills this is the place to experiment.  Most of us find the QSCM volunteer experience to involve a  bit of both, sometimes a lot of both! 

Whether you have a few hours here and there or are able to make a more extensive commitment,  we'd love to hear from you.  There is room for everyone and all contributions matter. Everyone is capable of beauty. Join us and be a part of giving everyone the chance to find out just what that

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