Between Friends  2019

Madoc, Ontario

Stirling ON

Donations in Memory of

William Sallans, 1936-2018

Canada Helps

And  many generous private donors who prefer to remain anonymous.  Thank you all.


QSCM thanks the Kuitenbrouer Frmily for donating the use of their farm cottage in Madoc Township to accomodate our musicians.

Hazzards Corners Church, Madoc

Corby House

Preserves and Gifts

Home Hardware,

Stirling and Madoc

Madoc Foodland

St. Paul's United Church, Stirling

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Every Little Bit Helps

QSCM wouldn't exist without the help of all of our generous donors. Please consider making a donation so that we can continue to work towards providing our community with enriching music programs and concerts.

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