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Vocal Chamber Ensemble  Festival 

Professional Master-Classes

Nov. 2  St. Paul's United Church, Stirling ON

Application Deadline: Oct 15



  • MASTER CLASSES: Sat. Nov. 2. 10am to 9:30pm

  • "The Art of Song" VCM Recital: Sun. Nov. 3 1:30 pm

  • All events take place at  St. Paul's United Church, Stirling ON

A full day of instruction and mentorship in art-song practice and career development.

All participants will receive tickets to QSCM's  "Art of Song" recital the following day featuring all three guest artists and one ensemble chosen from the participants.

   Ensembles consisting of up to four singers and a pianist are invited to apply.    


  • QSCM's day of  Master Classes is designed to foster interest in vocal chamber ensemble and the possibilities of art song as a performance choice.


  • Guest Artist Instruction: The full day opportunity is designed to explore the repertoire for vocal chamber ensemble repertoire, enhance ensemble skills and foster committed partnerships between singers and pianists in the context of mentorship from three acclaimed art-song musicians.


  • Performance Strategies: Participants will also be given the opportunity to engage  with the attending public. The goal is to learn more about how to cultivate an ongoing interest in  art-song among new listeners particularly in the rural context.


  • Audience Outreach or Financial Literacy: A discusson panel  that may include representatives from the pop music scene focussing on how to make Art Song attractive and accessible to new audiences or a financial literacy seminar offered by representative from a banking institution may be offered.  (TBC)


  • Performance Opportunity: At the end of the master class day, one ensemble  will be invited to perform in the next day's faculty recital, alongside the guest artists.


  • Faculty Performance: The following day, Annamaria Popescu, Aline Kutan and Michael McMahon will present a public recital. One ensemble selected from the Saturday Class participants will be invited to perform. All participants will receive complimentary tickets.  



  • Application is by ensemble.

  • Duets, trios, quartets and soloists are invited to apply.

  • All ensembles are expected to include a pianist.

  • All applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30.

  • All applicants must have completed or be in their final year* of an accredited professional music school or training program and be embarked upon, or show by way of professional resume and/or coach/teacher recommendation a serious commitment to a professional performance career. (*Exceptions may be granted to outstanding undergraduate students on basis of teacher recommendation).



  • All applications received by Oct 7 will be considered. 

  • 4 Ensembles will be chosen to participate   All others are invited to attend as auditors. There is no fee to audit the class.


PARTICIPATION FEE:  $500 per ensemble

  • The fee for each ensemble is $500 regardless of number of musicians.

  • Participation fee is due upon notification of placement in class 



  • Contact QSCM at indicating your wish to apply with APPLY TO VCMCLASS  in the subject line.

  • Include the following information in the BODY of your message

a) Name, age and academic / professional status of each

ensemble member, i.e. graduating student / graduate student / working in the field    

          b) Repertoire to be studied: 1 selection in German and 1 other* (dating from  1780 onward)  Preference will be given to ensembles including a work by a Canadian Composer.

          c)  u-tube or vimeo link to a recording of the ensemble, or individual members that  demonstrates level of performance capability for each. Send links only.  Messages containing video / audio attachments will bounce.

          d) academic and/or professional performance resumes of the ensemble and/or individuals members, as available,  in PDF format as attachments only.



  • All expenses including travel, accommodation and meals exclusive of Saturday luncheon and dinner are the responsibility of the participants. QSCM staff will offer advice on local options on request.




DATE: Saturday / Sunday  November  2/3

PLACE: St. Paul's United Church, Stirling, ON

*Note: Schedule may be altered slightly as planning proceeds. 



·       10 to 12 a.m. Vocal-Piano Master Class with Annamaria Popescu

·       12 to 1:00  p.m Luncheon with Annamaria Popescu

·       1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Professional Artist Financial Management Workshop with   Banking Representative (TBC)

·       3 to 5 p.m. Vocal-Piano Master Class with Michael McMahon

·       5:30 to 6:30 pm.  Supper break   with Annamaria Popescu, Aline Kutan and Michael McMahon  

·       7 to 9 pm. Vocal-Piano Master Class with Aline Kutan, Annamaria Popescu, Michael McMahon

·       9:30 pm.  Evening Social Hour with guest artists  

At this time guest artists will, on basis of the day's work,  invite one ensemble to perform with them in the next day's recital.



·       1:30 pm.  "Art of Song Recital"*

Aline Kutan, soprano; Annamaria Popescu, mezzo; Michael McMahon, piano and one ensemble selected from the Saturday Class participants.


*All participants will be given complimentary tickets to attend the recital.

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