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The Neighbours: Violin, Organ and DANCE!

Yes - you read correctly :Violin, cathedral organ and DANCE! And its all happening at St. Thomas Anglican Church in Belleville. Francine Nguyen-Savaria, Director of music at Saint Thomas’ Anglican Church, has sent us a description of this exciting event coming our way soon:

THE NEIGHBOURS: A violin, organ and dance concert 

On Easter Sunday April 21st, violinist Sofia-Marie Bergeron, classical dancer Paola Bergeron and organist Francine Nguyen-Savaria will present "the Neighbours", a collaboration between the three childhood friends... and neighbours. Siblings Sofia-Marie, Léonore, Paola Bergeron and their neighbour Francine were the best of friends all through their childhood! Sofia-Marie and Francine regularly played violin and piano duets, they took ballet classes together, went trick-or-treating together, went on excursions at Montreal's Botanical Garden, and spent countless summers playing together. Later on, albeit not in the same classes, Sofia-Marie and Francine also attended the Montreal Conservatory of Music together. Paola pursued her professional dance training at l'École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec... a few blocks away from the Music Conservatory. 

Sofia-Marie Bergeron, Violin

Sofia-Marie Bergeron completed her undergraduate studies at the Montreal Conservatory of Music before pursuing studies at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Graz, Austria, the Accademia Walter Stauffer, Cremona, Italy, and the International Menuhin Academy in Switzerland. She is currently a teaching assistant and a student student of Yehonatan Berick in the Master of Music program in performance at the University of Ottawa.  Paola Bergeron completed her studies at l'École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec, danced in Le Jeune Ballet du Québec, and took courses in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and Toronto. She currently dances for Les Ballets Eddy Toussain, and teaches ballet to children at Toussain's dance academy. 

Francine is co-director of music for St. Thomas' Anglican Church with her husband Matthieu Latreille. She completed her undergraduate studies at the Montreal

Conservatory of Music, and her graduate studies at the University of Southern California. She is an active performer on the North American scene and has played in venues including the St. Joseph Oratory in Montreal, the Cathedral Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, the Basilica in Quebec City, and the Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary.   Upon Sofia-Marie's return from Europe, and as Paola recently joined Eddy Toussain's ballet company, the old friends to join again in this special project. The majority of the programme will be dedicated to violin and organ music, and Paola will choreograph a few pieces. "I am very excited about this project, says Francine. I personally enjoy dance and wanted to work with a dancer. I called Paola, and then I had this idea: why not include her sister as well? As far as I can remember, Sofia-Marie wanted to become a violinist when she picked up the violin, and Paola wanted to be a dancer since she was three! It is wonderful to meet again after we have gone on separate journeys. But all friendship considerations set aside, both of them are amazing artists in their own right and I am honoured to work with them. Their accomplishments speak for themselves." The programme will feature works by Bach, Corelli, Veracini, and Vitali.

Francine Nguyen-Savaria, organist

The concert will start at 4:30 PM. A reception will follow.

“Music at St. Thomas’” produces seven events per year, from October to April, on the third Sunday of each month at St. Thomas’ Anglican Church in Belleville. Since 2014, the series is fulfilling its artistic mission: sharing with the Quinte community the beauty of great classical music, and the artistry of exceptional and renowned musicians. The series hosts performances with high quality standards, like those that one can attend in concert halls of large urban centres. Admission is by donation, making those concerts accessible to all.

St. Thomas Anglican Church

201 Church Street, Belleville Telephone: 613.962.3636 E-mail:

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