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QSCM 2019: Transcendence Indeed: Chamber Music at Hazzards Corners and Beyond

The post that follows is from 2019: RE-Sharing this early experience of bringing Chamber Music to Hazzards Corners Church as we prepare for All Terrain Tour 2024. Join me in remembering this amazing evening as classical guitarists Nathan Bredeson and Michael Ibsen packed the house at Hazzards Corners Church in 2019!

Nathan Bredeson and Michael Ibsen, Hazzards
Great Performers!

QSCM's outreach event, "Made in Canada," Classical Guitar Duo with Nathan Bredeson and Michael Ibsen at Hazzard's Corners Friday evening was an unmitigated success! The playing was outstanding, the music exciting, interesting, moving, and powerful in turns, and the entire presentation utterly engaging. QSCM thanks Nathan and Michael for show us all the meaning of classical guitar and contemporary Canadian composition all at once.

​This event, and others like it are made possible because of the generosity of our donors, both private ​and business, as well as the kindness of the people who maintain our local venues. In this case that included the Hazzards Corners Church community as well as Doug Hunter Ford, in Madoc, and Madoc's Foodland, as well as many private individuals. I do not think we could ask for a more encouraging start to our Fall Fundraising campaign than to have community support result in the excellent music making we heard Friday night in Madoc Township! Coming soon is "The Art of Song" featuring three highly accomplished musicians at St. Paul's United in Stirling, Nov. 3. This will be an afternoon concert, starting at 1:30 p.m. We look forward to seeing you all there.


In preparation for the Fall Fundraising Campaign that underwrites all of this I found myself writing thinking about what is Classical Music, why it matters, and how QSCM can make a difference.

Those thoughts led to the following:


What is Classsical Music? Classical music is a living tradition of beauty through excellence that is redefined with every live performance.

​​Why ​does ​Classical Music Matter​? Everyone is capable of beauty. Classical music is a cultural heritage that aspires to beauty and truth and it belongs to us all. Often an acquired taste, like good wine or fine beer, classical music leads us into worlds more beautiful, more profound, and more enduring than we readily meet in daily life. Serving the composer's vision, the musician strives for the perfect sound, absolute rhythmic precision and the most lucid phrasing. Mastering all that at rehearsal, in performance she holds out her hand, inviting us all to join her on the journey of transcendence. Classical music is the product of the most brilliant minds and committed artists who have ever lived. Experiencing it connects us with each other and our own best selves, reminding us that we are all, each and every one of us, capable and deserving of beauty.


How ​does ​QSCM Makes a Difference? QSCM is committed to making it possible for rural communities to enjoy live professional performances of classical music. A registered charity, directed by community members and professional classical musicians, QSCM makes classical music rural, accessible, affordable and friendly.

Made in Canada was a blast! So looking forward to more great music Nov. 3 and "The Art of Song"at St. Paul's United Church in Stirling! Join us! Bonnie (Chair, QSCM)

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