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Nothing Second Rate at QSCM

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

I shared a blog post on QSCM's FaceBook page about "Second Rate Pianists" to underscore the value of QSCM's commitment to chamber music and creating opportunities for people in our scattered rural communities to experience chamber music. Finnish pianist Jenna Ristilä 's thoughts can be read here:

"Second rate pianists" - means those legions of highly trained, hihly accmplished and deeply talented musicians who were damn good enough to make the finals of international competitions but didn't win the coveted first place prize.

Imagine training all your life to go to law school, graduating top of your class, but at the end of the day, there is only one job on the market. Imagine that you are in competition for that one job not just with your graduating classmates, but also all those who graduated within the last ten years.

That's the prospect for a concert musician. Imagine being that good, but you have one opportunity to win the single coveted job, and you don't.

The solo concert pianist career is not a team sport. There is only room for one behind the keyboard on the stage of Carnegie Hall and competition is absolutely fierce. And yet our professional music schools are producing more stunningly capable musicians than ever before. It is like growing an orchard, having tree after tree of beautiful fruit, then saying "pick one," and throwing the rest in the garbage.

Chamber music and QSCM's commitment to a thriving local live performance culture is all about harvesting that crop, and brining its sweet essence to all. Join us and become a part of a growing movement towards making life beautiful for everyone through cultivating at taste for classical music and the ability to perform it well. Share with friends. Come to concerts! Next up: September 27, "Made in Canada": An evening of classical guitar at Hazzard's COrners Church, just north of Madoc. Prepare to be astounded. Then November 1,2 and 3, meet the pianists who work with singers: QSCM's Vocal Chamber Music Festival. Check out all at !

First Rate Pianist: Todd Yaniw, QSCM 2017



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