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Making the Muse Joyful: The ONTARIO ARTS COUNCIL and QSCM

Updated: 4 days ago

QSCM is excited to announce that we have been awarded an Ontario Arts Council grant to

assist us with presenting "The Joyful Muse" featuring Duo Thalia (cello and violin).

The program features music by women composers and is presented by two women performers, Xueao Yang and Kendra Grittani.

The Ontario Arts Council supports the work of professional artists in Ontario. Historically women artists have been under-represented in the classical music mileau. The support of the Ontario Arts Council is helping us make sure that we can do our part to correct this historical cultural bias, bringing the work of superb musicians of all sorts and to the fore. Admission to all "Joyful Muse" events is free. The opportunity for all to hear this fully professional ensemble is made possible by  the  Ontario Arts Council grant. OAC funding on its own however is not enough: QSCM relies on local support to create the kind of programming that the OAC can then step up to help us fulfill. QSCM also thanks the Municipality of Centre Hastings for theirn ongoing support of our programmoing, and the help of local business and private donors like you. 

We encourage you to watch the Ontario Arts Council video below to see what OAC grants accomplish in the arts throughout the province. If you enjoy our programming contact your local MPP office and let them know you endorse government support for making professional arts activity possible in rural areas and the work of QSCM to make live classical music happen in your community.

The support of the Ontario Arts Council, a government agency, is essential to professionalism in the arts. Professional artists need time to train, rehearse, practice and study. Being a professional musician is a full time job. Without funding support our artists can no more be successful in their fields than a professional level hocky player could make the NHL playing shinny on the weekends. Join QSCM for Between Friends IV: The Joyful Muse, with Duo Thalia on May 17, 18, 19 in Madoc Township and the Municipality of Centre Hastings. Check the web site for event details and venue locations. It's going to be a great weekend of incredibly beautiful music making. Join us for the music. Join us in recognizing the Ontario Arts Council, as well as the Municipality of Centre Hastings and the contributions of local donors who make it possible for all to attend. Admission free. Donations welcome.

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