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Making it Work: Volunteering for QSCM

Blogger Kaleigh Moore writes,

".... in recent months, as I’ve been looking for more ways to stay connected, I’ve been thinking more about how I can pair those efforts with a “giving back” mentality. Rather than just donating some money or hosting a fundraiser, I wanted to get hands-on.

This is something that any creative with a specialized skill can do, too. By donating time, work, or expertise to a good cause, giving back empowers non-profit organizations to do more and serve more. That means that even if you don’t have a ton of spare cash to donate, you can still make a major impact. And I think that’s pretty great. So, how can you give back?..... Check it out. QSCM volunteers work to fill the need for artistic diversity in our rural community. Classical music opens minds and opens hearts, and classical musicians help everyone discover possiblities they didn't know exist. Read Moore on how to help, then drop us a note at

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