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Fresh Eyes, Fresh Faces, Old Friends

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Hi All,

You may be noticing that we’ve changed the look of our website and this blog. As a result many of our previous blog posts are not available. That makes this a good time for us to revisit some of our more important news from the past in general, and in particular those events which point to an exciting future for QSCM, and our audiences.

Last Spring QSCM launched a pilot outreach we called “The All Terrain Tour.” This project which presented String Quartet performances in two small community venues was hugely successful. As we prepare to initiate The All Terrain Tour, 2019, it seems timely to republish our account of the 2018 event. Remember, enjoy, and get ready for ATT 2019: The 6ix Will Be Back!

QSCM's ALL TERRAIN TOUR: The 6ix Quartet in Hazzards Corners and Madoc

They came, they played, and they delivered! The response? "When are you coming back?"

QSCM's All Terrain Tour launched on Friday and Saturday May 25 and 26 with great success as the 6ix Quartet played Mozart and Shostakovich for the people of Madoc Township and Centre Hastings.

Grant Ketcheson, chair of the board at Hazzards Corners Church, introduced the 6ix observing that this was the first time in all the 150 years of the life of Hazzard's Church that they'd had Mozart or chamber music. Audience members commented on the beautiful music, the accomplishment of the musicians, and the beautiful sound. This was an interactive presentation with guidance being given by the players as to things to listen for in the playing between each movement of the quartet, an approach that was appreciated by all.

With Hovnatan Garabedian leading from the first violin chair for Mozart's Quartet No. 14 subtitled "Spring", the 6ix Quartet presented a gracious and more than credible performance of this scintillating and complex work. melodic phrasing and harmonic direction were crystal clear due to the intelligent choices the performers made regarding articulation and dynamic values. All intentions were delightfully well supported due the highly developed technical ability of the players which was subtly evident, yet neither obtrusive nor showy. Saturday night in May the 6ix Quartet set up at Trinity United in Madoc for an equally proficient treatment of an entirely different piece of music: Shostakovich's 5th String Quartet. The 6ix performance of this quartet brought this experience of a dark and dangerous time in Russian history to the audience in Madoc Ontario with intensity, drama and deep emotional impact, made possible by excellent ensemble playing and collaborative musicianship. The playing conveyed the full range of emotional tension intended by the composer as the ensemble making musically interesting phrasing choices and maintaining rhythmic vitality while controlling the balance with sensitivity.

The four musicians of "The 6ix" possess, each of them, a remarkable musical intuition. In the context of the quartet playing each distinctive voice was modulated and shaped resulting in a unique ensemble effect that wes remarkably unified, but not blandly homogenized. This young ensemble has a promising future and we look forward to hearing more from them soon.

The 6ix Quartet at Trinity United Church, Madoc

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