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Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Never too young: just might need a boost to reach the keys!

The devil is in the details they say, and as all serious musicians know, so is the art! QSCM is about to make a provactive addition to our events page that refers to a CHILD AND PARENT PERFORMANCE EVENT associated with "Between Friends II: Two Oak Entwined," our Spring Concert featuring Amahl Arulanandam and Petya Stavreva, April 27. And because QSCM is run entirely by volunteers and day-jobs have a way of getting in the way of getting things done, promptly, it will probably say, "Details coming soon."

So what are the details? And what is a Child and Parent Performance event? Well first of all, its happening at 2 p.m. on April 27, right in the middle of the afternoon. Yes! A child-friendly hour, right about the time of day when parenting can start to get, well, a little bit tiring. And it's "free" . we'll be asking for donations to help cover costs but everyone can come and contribute only what they feel they can to support the cause. This is possible because QSCM just received word that the Between Friends II event has been awarded a grant from the Ontario Arts Council, a government agency. This funding, in addition to donations from local private and business supporters, also allows all to attend evening concert, at 7:30, for a ticket price of only $15.

So now that I've got your attention, and before I lose it what are the details? Well, stay tuned for more blog entries! Hah! How's that for a bait and switch cliffhanger. (Or at the very least a rather confusing mix of metaphors). Ok. I'll give you a little more here. The Child and Parent Performance will begin with a child-friendly segment of music and talk designed by our artists, Amahl and Petya, to appeal specifically to children. They will introduce and play short segments of music, some from the program planned for the evening, and other bits suited specifically to the afternoon audience to introduce all to the cello, the piano and classical music in a friendly and easy way. Children as well as their parents will be invited to ask questions. Amahl and Petya are looking forward to finding out just what children think of the music, their instruments and, well maybe even cookies!

Then just at that magical moment where a child's attention span begins to wane, parents will be invited to take their children to the on-site child care facilities at St. Paul's. Staffed with qualified caregivers, and most likely supplied with cookies, the children will be allowed to enjoy free play time, while hearing the rest of the performance in the background. Yes - there will be more music! After seeing their children happily settled in the day care parents get to go back to the sanctuary to enjoy Amahl and Petya's playing again. This segment is designed purely for the adult audience. Selections from the evening program will be presented along with works by Canadian Composers Patricia B. Holt and Marjan Mozetich. The music will be followed by a reception offering the chance for all to enjoy conversation (and more cookies? Yes please!) with Petya and Amahl.

It's going to be a great afternoon for the children and for adults. Please tell your friends and bring your children, your nieces and nephews, your grandchildren. The concert will also be enjoyable for anyone who cannot come in the evening, however we do of course encourage all to return at 7:30 p.m. to hear the full program. That will include music by Beethoven, Britten, and Shostakovich, along with the Canadians. But we'll have more on that when we talk again come soon.

There. Enough detail for one read? Tell you what, for the best detail of all, go here to listen to pianist Petya Stavreva playing Marjan Mozetich, Prelude from Three Pieces for Piano. Its a challenging piece of music with amazing writing involved. Petya plays it masterfully ! Come and meet her and Amahl on the 27th of April. Bring your kids at 2 in the afternoon, then plan to return at 7:30 in the evening and hear it all, up close, live and in person!

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