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Beethoven, More Beethoven!

Celebrating the birthday of a great composer is always a joy if only because we all find ourselves playing or listening to great music!

Here's what Amahl Arulanandam had to say about Beethoven on the occasion of his 250th birthday, Beethoven's birthday I mean, not Amahl! Amahl is a youthful, and very much alive contemporary performer whom we all had a chance to meet in Stirling at QSCM's 2019 "Between Friends II" festival event.

Amalh speaks to the Sonata No. 5 for Piano and Cello, Op. 102, 2nd movement:

"The opening of the slow movement of Beethoven's fifth sonata for piano and cello in D major exemplifies what I love most about Beethoven: his distinctly human side. The movement starts with a warm yet subdued theme made up of small melodic fragments, seemingly in a major key, that create a sense of hope in the listener. This theme cadences in minor and we find ourselves immersed in a much more moribund theme filled with loss and darkness.

"We weave our way through this theme, slowly growing in intensity and feeling increasingly distraught, but in true Beethoven fashion we're graced with a glimmer of hope as he arrives back at D Major in one of the most beautiful, vulnerable and human moments in his music." — Amahl Arulanandam Recording and more discussion here:

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