Entry 1


One time I played a real piano. It was a beautiful sound, and I liked it. It’s fun to make up sounds on the
piano by pushing down on the keys. The keys play notes that go higher and higher and higher from left to
right. Each key makes a hammer hit down on a string and the vibration is what you hear. I have a musical
keyboard to practice on but I love the sound of a real piano!

Entry 2


The first concert I was ever went to I had the chance to play a cello in front of EVERYONE! It was fun to move the bow across its strings. It makes me laugh to think bows strings are sometimes made out of horse’s hair. It made a low sound bec ause cellos are HUGE. Watching the cello being played is exciting because you  really get to see both of the musicians arms moving, not just the fingers. I wonder how strong you have to be to play the cello?

Entry 3


I don’t really know much about the violin. I do like to listen to it because it can sound scary or pretty from one moment to the next. I think of violins as being very dramatic and it is like watching a dance. It has a higher voice than the cello because it is much smaller. It is played while resting against the shoulder using fingers with the one hand and a bow with the other. I think that the next instrument I should try is the violin.

Entry 4

Yesterday I went to the M.I.L.L. in Stirling. M.I.L.L stands for “Music Instrument Lending Library”. The
M.I.L.L. is a place where you can borrow instruments, like a book library. We bought a membership card
and I was given a quarter-sized violin to bring home.n
James tuned it to perfection and rosined the bow. He also showed me the basics of how to hold and play
it, including a few notes so that when I got home I was able to get a really nice sound out of it right away.
Now I need to decide which I want to be: a drummer or a violinist? Check out our new kid’s page
comment section and let us know which instrument YOU would most like to try!

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