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Become a Friend* of QSCM

Welcome to the Quinte Society for Chamber Music. QSCM welcomes volunteers and supporters to participate in all aspects of our administration. We invite you to sign on to the QSCM Web site to participate in blog discussions.  


QSCM is led by a working board of commited volunteers and supporters. If you would like to join the QSCM leadership team , and be eligible for nomination to the  board   please contact us at for details.  

All QSCM members are informed of the work of QSCM and upcoming general membership meetings through the e-mail newsletter. The newsletter is accessed by signing up as a subscriber to the newsletter at . Signing up for the newsletter and accessing the publication is the responsibility of the members. We ask you to check your promotions and spam folders for the mailout if you have signed up but are not receiving the e-newsletter regularly in your primary inbox.


QSCM encourages all to take an active role in the work of QSCM through volunteer activity.  There are many roles to be filled and also  many opportunities to help out involving short term or one-time-only tasks.  If you have skills that you would like to contribute to the work of making classical music accessible to all, please contact us at   

Please let us know who you are! 

If you prefer to download and print a hard copy of this  application, please contact QSCM at 

Thank you for joining! Welcome to AMWS

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