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 Meet The Artists

 The Madoc Quartet:   four accomplished orchestral musicians sharing a passion for the string quartet and discovered in each other the desire to  classical music  with people who rarely, if ever, get to hear a professional concert hall performance.  Finessing the traditional string quartet repertoire  and exploring new sounds in music by modern and particularly Canadian composers, the Madoc Quartet is primed  to bring great music to audiences everywhere.  "Canadian composers are writing the music for our time," Sebastian Sallans, quartet leader, says. "The string quartet is an sonorous, versatile and stunningly beautiful instrument for which the great composers wrote their best music.  The Madoc Quartet  wants everyone, no matter where they live and what their music experience is, to have the chance to discover and enjoy it all."  Exciting performances can be expected from this exceptional  ensemble. 

 *For QSCM's  ATT 2022:   Madoc Quartet's Sebastian Ostertag will be replaced by  Cellist  Andrew  T. Park, artist's bio here
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