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  "Made in Canada" 

New Music for Classical Guitar 

Sept. 27, 2019, 7 pm.

Hazzards Corners, Madoc Township

bredeson cropped.jpg

Nathan Bredeson

 Classical Guitar


Michael Ibsen

 Classical Guitar

 QSCM presents  "Made in Canada", Classical Guitar Duo, Bredeson and Ibsen, at Hazzards Corners in Madoc Township.   "Made in Canada" celebrates Canadian music for solo guitar and guitar duo and the  musicality of two outstanding Canadian classical guitarists, Nathan Bredeson and Michael Ibsen. Featuring  music by a wide range of Canada’s brightest living composers,  written by or commissioned for  classical  guitarists, this event  showcases the richness and diversity of the repertoire in the intimate friendly setting of Hazzards Corners Church.

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